IQ Diamonds – are special diamonds!

Our secret lies in the parts of hairs, which, like a diamond, consist of carbon atoms. With their help we may enshrine into a diamond the events that are important to you!


Childbirth is one of the most important events in our lives. IG Diamonds are created to commemorate this special moment in eternity.

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Hearts United

Let your special and strong feelings be turned into an indestructible symbol of love and loyalty, a diamond! A union which will last eternally.

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Dedication to Parents

Your parents have given you a life, they have taught you everything they could, they are worthy of love, gratitude and recognition. A diamond is the best way for you to remind them how precious they are to you. How important are the words: “We will always be CLOSE to you!”

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Unforgettable Moments

With an IQ Diamonds’ diamond you can turn each of your special moments into a mysterious and eternal reminiscence, which will always be with you.

A birthday, a school graduation party, journeys to favourite cities and countries, silver, gold, platinum wedding anniversaries – all of these events are worthy of eternal remembrance! We may recreate happy moments in a diamond even with the help of a photo or a part of an object!

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Loyalty of your favourite pet

Our loyal and faithful friends – our pets – are always there in our happiest and saddest moments, and they deserve special memorial to last eternally.

Let unforgettable and bright moments stay with you forever!

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