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TAG Heuer uses lab-grown Lusik diamonds in its new watch

Swiss watch manufacturer TAG Heuer has released a watch with diamonds grown in the laboratory, calling it an important milestone for the company and the watch industry. The case and crown of the new TAG Heuer «Carrera Plasma» watches, which the LVMH brand presented last week at the Watches & exhibition; Wonders in Geneva, decorated with artificial stones.
The crown of the watch is a 2.5-carat diamond grown in the laboratory, which the Israeli startup Capsoul made from raw materials obtained from the company Lusix.
According to LVMH, the new product represents a new way to hone the design and achieve the play of light in the material used due to the versatility of laboratory-grown diamonds of unique shapes and textures.
Lusix CEO Silviu Reinhorn said: "We are proud of, that TAG Heuer has chosen to partner with Lusix to create this groundbreaking product. We believe that Lusix's reputation for producing laboratory-grown diamonds of excellent quality, as well as its unique technology for growing diamonds of exceptional color, purity and controlled three-dimensional shape, were the key factors why TAG Heuer chose Lusix as its partner.

Aruna Gaitonde, Chief Editor of the Asian Bureau Rough&Polished

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