Russia has synthesized the largest and purest HPHT diamond in the world

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Russia has synthesized the largest and purest HPHT diamond in the world - 16.04 carats



The worlds largest colorless diamond "Champion" is cut from a diamond grown by the HPHT method by the Russian company "Research Center"Advanced Synthetic Research" and certified by the Gemological Laboratory of Moscow State University.

A gemstone of jewelry quality of 16.04 carats was produced at the enterprise in Sestroretsk from a raw crystal weighing 50.39 carats (20.79 x 19.10 mm) of the correct shape. Today it is the largest and purest of the laboratory HPHT diamonds in the world.

CEO of SIC Eduard Gorodetskynoted that the diamond has been growing for a little more than 400 hours (17 days) and the companys technologists are working on the growth of larger stones.

"Champion" refers to type IIa, which means the absence of nitrogen in the crystal lattice of the stone. This type of diamond is extremely rare in nature. Natural diamonds belonging to Type II contain extremely small amounts of nitrogen, are the rarest and most expensive (less than 2% of all diamonds with similar characteristics) are considered an investment vehicle. Their special property is excellent optical purity and thermal conductivity.

The diamond "Champion" presented for analysis has the purity of VS1, color D (the first color in the classification of diamonds) and a cut of impeccable quality of the kushon shape (the diamond was cut by JSC "Melvis" (Moscow). After a detailed scientific analysis, the laboratory confirmed that the stone was not subjected to post-processing and belongs to the category of pure NRNT diamond.

The Research Center "Advanced Synthetic Research" is a Russian high-tech, innovative company, manufacturer of superhard materials for the electronic, mining, medical and jewelry industries. The company was founded in 2019 by a group of engineers and is based on the territory of JSC "Sestroretsk Tool Factory" – "Wax Technopark".

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