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Diamond earrings 2.170 ct

4 254 $ 2 552 $


Diamond ring 1.204 ct

2 314 $ 1 851 $


Diamond earrings 0.923 ct

1 446 $ 1 229 $


Diamond ring 0.439 ct

1 406 $ 1 266 $


Diamond earrings 1.147 ct

2 073 $ 1 762 $


Diamond earrings 0.848 ct

1 284 $ 1 027 $


Diamond earrings 0.940 ct

1 498 $ 1 123 $


Diamond earrings 0.847 ct

1 455 $ 1 164 $

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IQ Diamonds Atelier Do it your way!

Our craftsmen will bring to life both models with a classic design and your most complex and daring projects. They will emphasize the beauty of the stone and make a charming decoration that will be with you forever!

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  • Grown in the laboratory

    The laboratory-grown diamond is placed in a controlled laboratory environment and created without damage to the ecology of the Earth.

  • Clarity of Energy

    The energy of grown diamonds is crystal clear! You know the origin, history and authenticity of a diamond. Grown diamonds IQ Diamonds have an undeniable origin.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    State-of-the-art technologies and scientific expertise enable to recreate diamonds for an unlimited number of times by improving the process and reaching new heights without causing any environmental damage.

  • Properties of Grown Diamonds
  • Land mining

    The extraction of diamonds in nature is carried out by processing hundreds of tons of soil, excessive gas emissions, resulting in environmental pollution.

  • Historical Footprint

    Over the millions of years which a natural diamond takes to form, historical epochs come and go, with wars followed by peace, natural elements wiping out life from the face of the earth and reawakening it once again. Meanwhile, a diamond absorbs, layer by layer something which is unknown even to us…

  • Responsibility of Generations

    Every year the problem of exhaustiveness of resources becomes more and more acute; and insatiable appetites of the epoch results in the exhaustion and destruction of the whole world.

  • Properties of Natural Diamonds

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