Grown & Natural diamond

Grown & Natural diamond

Unique diamond

Unique diamond

IQ Diamonds-made diamond is a unique diamond, whose strength, durability, brilliance and sparkle are exactly like those of the natural diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds, man-made or human-made diamonds – all mean just the same: they are real. Lab-grown diamonds are genuine diamonds!

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They are made of carbon atoms and are optically and physically the same as diamonds mined from the Earth’s depth. Even a trained eye will fail to detect, on magnification, any difference between a lab-made and a natural diamond. There is only one thing that is different in them, their origin.

Natural diamond

Natural diamond

Grown diamond

Grown diamond
Laboratory-grown & natural diamonds
Material Formula Radiance Dispersion Hardness Strength
Natural diamond С2,420,04410 Superior
Grown diamond С2,420,04410 Superior
Material Natural diamond Grown diamond
Strength Superior Superior
technologies of the future


Those technologies which only several years ago were regarded as future technologies have presently reached such a level when diamonds may be grown by replicating and accelerating the natural conditions in which diamonds are found on the Earth. We will grow a diamond from a tiny diamond seed just like we would plant and grow a beautiful flower.

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Lab-grown diamonds are also certified by independent institutions, with each gemstone having a laser marking to enable its identification and verification.

The certificate of the diamond

Environmentally Friendly

A new path in the history of diamonds, with environmental friendliness, human responsibility to future generation and creation of diamonds with the help of state-of-the-art technologies all coming to the fore, will make it possible to mitigate environmental impact and supplant the harmful process of mining natural diamonds.

Eco-loading Created Mined
Mineral waste, m31,25260
CO emissions, gr.0,0357000
Water, l72500
Long-term environmental damage no yes
Traceability100% difficult
Difficult working conditions no yes
energy of diamonds energy of diamonds
energy of diamonds

energy of diamonds

The energy of IQ Diamonds’ lab-grown diamonds is crystal clear! You are aware of the origin, history and genuineness of diamonds which you purchase from us. Lab-grown diamonds are created in a high-technology environment, and, therefore, their origin is undisputable.

Over the millions of years which a natural diamond takes to form, historical epochs come and go, with wars followed by peace, natural elements wiping out life from the face of the earth and reawakening it once again. Meanwhile, a diamond absorbs, layer by layer something which is unknown even to us, and it may be the precise reason why there is a huge number of perfidious and mysterious events surrounding those items of “eternal value”.

Fill an IQ Diamonds-created diamond with your energy, new knowledge and endless love – with everything that is so precious to you!

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